Friday, May 13, 2011

I have been back in long beach for a week now after finishing my second year of college.
Time flies...

Tonight I decided to drive thru Taco Bell for dinner.
While I was there, I observed a number of highschoolers dressed in 
Millikan(my alma mater) sweatshirts running around the parking lot, causing trouble, driving crazy, and making out in the dining room of the fast food restaurant.

I quickly remembered the times when i went to Millikan:

when my friends and I would leave campus at lunchtime to eat Taco Bell down the street
...not to mention the several times we "accidentally" didn't make it back in time before the bell rang for class and ended up ditching the last half of the day

when we used to run around in the local parks way past curfew playing games like sardines, sharks and minos, hide and seek, ninja, and sand monster

when we used to eat lunch at the 800 building every day with all of the other QUESTies where everyone would share homework and their lunches...

when we used to sneak into other school's proms and winter formals and dance all of our cares away

when we used to have sleepovers and make stupid music videos and pull pranks on the boys

The Truth Is...
I absolutely loved my high school experience.

and while I was sitting in the drive thru at that Taco Bell tonight observing those teenagers...
i found myself feeling jealous of them and all of their freedom.

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