Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Public Transortation...

When you are a student at CSULB, you have the privilege of using public transportation for free in the city of Long Beach.
...I live less then a mile away from CSULB ((I can ride my bike there in 7 minutes))
but i decide to take the bus anyways...just because I can.

This is the bus stop that I wait at:

((of course with some cool effects using my new iphone...holler))

I like public transportation for a few reasons:
1. It makes me appreciate my janky, beat up jeep grand cheroke SO much more
2. It slows life down just a bit.
3. I get to see the wonderful city of Long Beach from a different perspective.
4. The people that i encounter on the bus/metro are so beautiful and so dang interesting.

Today...I took the bus to school
As I was waiting for the bus stop, I decided to paint my nails
 (I appreciated that time I had to sit and do nothing)

Then, I got on the bus and simply sat there and listened to the conversations going on around me.
I paid special attention the 2 older gentleman a few rows behind me...
They were talking about GOD
They were just 2 men chatting away
bringing up Satan, philosophies, the virgin Mary, and Jesus.
One man even said...and I quote..."if I were going to get a tattoo, I would get a picture of Jesus on my back
HA this made me giggle to myself.

As I was sitting there listening to these strange, philosophical, somewhat crazy men talking about Jesus
it made me realize just how much I love my God.
one of my most favorite things in the whole entire world is when I hear strangers talking about my God makes Him feel BIG and close and so very real.

I sat there in silent prayer
thanking God for that moment
thanking God for being BIG and REAL
thanking God for loving me and the people around me
and thanking God for life

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